Our goal is to foster an awareness of the history in the Highland/East Highland area of San Bernardino County in Southern California, and to expand the involvement of the public in collecting artifacts and preserving local history.

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Aurantia Park
29624 Greenspot Road
Highland, CA 92346
Latitude: 34.109890°
Longitude: -117.156138°

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Aurantia Park is on a 12-acre site donated to the City of Highland in 1988 by a local citrus grower, to serve as a landmark to the long history dating back in the 1850s of citrus being grown in the area. This wild land park features numerous footpaths to travel and learn about plant species that are indigenous to the local area. Also included is a fenced dog park, picnic shelters, play area with rubberized surfacing, and restroom facilities. Much of the park revolves around the recreation of stone pillars and monument columns utilizing native river rocks.

Park Features

A. Street view looking North – East from Greenspot RD, approaching the park entrance. The sign was built as an Eagle Scout project by Adam Pierce and the members of Troop 19.

Click to enlarge A Pictorial History of Highland A Pictorial
History of Highland
by Bill Calvert

B. Rock entrance pillars

mples of the type of work done by early stone masons in this area. An effort was made in 1999 to move the pillars from their original location, which was approximately ¾ miles East of the park, but it was unsuccessful so these are rcreations.

Documented evidence as to why the term Cronycroft was used on the original “Smith Bros.” pillars has not been found. One theory is that they used the term Cronycroft as the name of their ranch and that they arrived at that by combining the word crony, meaning friend, colleague, companion and the word croft meaning a small farm or plot of land into Cronycroft.

Click to enlarge A Pictorial History of Highland A Pictorial
History of Highland
by Bill Calvert

C. Parking area

D. Drinking Fountain

E. Park History Sign

F. Restrooms G. Picnic areas H. Play area I. Trails J. Cell phone tower - the proceeds of which go towards Aurantia Park maintenance and improvement. K. Dog off leash areas – Dedicated Feb. 24 2005 in honor of Highland Veterinarian Dr. Keith Hart and Mrs. Margaret Hart. There separate fenced areas for large doges, and for small dogs. L. Historic Plunge Creak Bridge- This bridge was originally part of six spans which crossed the Santa Ana River on La Cadena Street between the cities of Colton and Riverside, California in the early 1900s. "In 1933, the bridge was relocated to Greenspot Road by the County of San Bernardino to complete construction of a road from the Greenspot area to East Highlands. This section of Greenspot Road was established by Mr. J. S. Edwards who owned many acres of oranges in East Highlands and Greenspot but had to truck his fruit some distance through Mentone and Redlands to reach his Gold Buckle Packing House in East Highlands. In July, 1931, his employees cleared a five-mile dirt portion of the road, saveing nine miles of travel over the old route. Two years later the County took responsibility for Greenspot Road and improved it with pavement and placement of the bridge. "In 1966, the City of Highland moved the bridge from Greenspot Road, east of Alta Vista, to its present location at Aurantia Park. It was relocated as part of a street improvement and bridge replacement project. The new bridge across Plunge Creek was dedicated in 1997." M. Washington Navel Orange grove N. Train tacks for the Kite loop O. Past owners of the land P. History of Santana Ana road Sign at pillars Dog sign Bridge sign Trail to Santa Ana RD Moms Tree

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A Pictorial History of Highland, by Bill Calvert