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Editorial: Preserve the past

Published: Thursday, August 13, 2009 9:26 PM CDT
We applaud the effort to renovate and reuse the old Rohr Building in the Highland Historic District, and hope more developers and residents will work to preserve this part of Highland’s past.

A prime example is the former bank building at the corner of Palm Avenue and Main Street, site of Highland’s first bank and home to the first telephone office and even the post office at one time.

There has been talk of making it into a Highland Museum, which is a great idea if the old structure can be saved.

It has fallen into such a state of disrepair that it will take some major structural as well as cosmetic work to make it useable, but the time, money and effort would be worthwhile.

Currently, there is no suitable repository for Highland’s history, aside from some private collections like those of former Highland Historian Bill Calvert and a few other individuals.

There are countless documents, columns and books that could fill shelves in the museum, along with historic artifacts not even available to the public at this time.

And this would not be just for old people, but for the entire public, especially school age students who could learn a lot from Highland’s past.

A special section for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians would be appropriate.

The Highland Historical Society could have a meeting place and a place to preserve the information and articles they have and those they have access to, if only there was a place to display them.

Those who only are interested in projects for profit would see little use in the effort, but those who see the larger good for the city and its citizens would welcome the challenge.

What a jewel for the city it could be!